We’re always asked what services, readings, and resources we use to get started on our art collection. We’ve compiled the following recommendations, which we keep continuously updated. Learning about these resources and companies is integral to working on your Hanging Investments. 😉


SiteWhy we love it
My Modern MetExtremely well-written reporting with fabulous photography exposing the latest news from the art world.
Empty EaselEducating artists and art enthusiasts in the business of creative pursuits.

Movies, TV, and Mini-Series

TitleTypeWhy we love it
Made You LookMovieLearn about art forgery in this entertaining documentary mystery.
This Is A Robbery: The World’s Biggest Art HeistMiniseriesUnderstand the lengths thieves go to to get their hands on master artwork.


PodcastWhy we love it
Art CuriousJennifer Dasal entertainingly brings listeners face-to-face with some of the most interesting stories from the hidden pages of art history.

Tools We Use To Bring You This Site

ToolWhat it does
Missinglettr*Generate creative social media posts and schedule their release.
RelayThatCreate eye-catching thumbnails for videos and social media along with informative infographics.
Grammarly*Forge consistent compositions with industry-leading grammar checking and plagiarism detection.
Dreamstime*Hunt down the perfect illustration, photo, or video for your projects.
Happy Scribe*Create amazingly accurate subtitles and transcripts for your videos with a blazingly fast editor that includes multi-language translations.
Ezoic*Accelerates website performance and includes AI-powered display advertising.
* affiliate/referral link