Artist thinking about her next ideas for artwork Artist thinking about her next ideas for artwork

31 Ideas For Artwork: Inspiration For Your Next Piece of Art

Are you stuck and looking for new ideas for artwork? Here are 31 great ways to inspire you.

Are you stuck and looking for new ideas for artwork? Here are 31 great ways to inspire you.

The key finding ideas for artwork is to narrow your search on a memory, sense, or situation. Letting places, people, and especially emotions inspire you will give your piece a special feeling. Avoid social media for inspiration. It’s easy to get stuck in others’ ideas instead of finding your muse.

Remember that it is through the journey of finding the art that you grow as an artist. So, here are 31 ideas to give you new ideas for your next artwork.

Artist thinking about her next ideas for artwork

Put on your 1 favorite article & nothing else

Only put on your favorite article of clothing and nothing else. I bet you haven’t tried that before. And by being in this whole new situation with a piece you already love will bring you new ideas for your artwork.

Smell 1 disgusting or pungent odor

Smelling something disgusting will probably bring out emotions that can inspire you. Even more surprising: The lack of disgust, discomfort, or repulsion over the smell can also be an inspiration for your next artwork.

Man sitting in armchair listening to podcast to encourage creativity.

Listen to 1 podcast episode while sitting still

Sitting still can help you to focus on the podcast and your thoughts totally. Just listen to one podcast and start creating art right afterward. Avoid getting stuck listening to multiple podcasts after each other.

Take 1 20-minute power nap

Sometimes a nap can be precisely what you need. Make it a short one to avoid procrastination and tiredness. A 10-20 minute nap is usually all you need to re-energize for creating art.

Remember 1 tough time in your past

Go back in time and bring out a challenging time in your past. Be aware of the feelings and thoughts coming to you, and let them set the mood for your next artwork. Feelings often make art come to life.

Woman tasting a disgusting green smoothie to try to spark creativity.

Bite into your 1 most-hated food

Eating the food you hate will bring many different emotions that can help inspire your next art piece. Flavors are a powerful ingredient in creating art.

Watch 1 news story segment

News story segments can inspire new stories to your artwork. Let yourself be surprised by what happens in your surroundings.

Find 1 random plant on a nature walk

Look for a random plant when you take a walk and let it decide how and what you create. The unexpected is always intriguing, and mother nature can be so inspiring.

Man taking a warm shower to encourage creativity.

Take 1 15-minute shower with WARM water

A warm shower is a special place for so many people where they are allowed to be alone to process their thoughts and ideas. Try it out and see where a 15-minute shower can take you.

Riff off your 1 most favorite artists

Be inspired by your number one favorite artist and create an artwork from the theme of their creation. Remember to make the art piece your own and do not try to copy the artist entirely.

Grab 1 lyric from your favorite song

Do you have a song that you can’t get enough of? Use it to inspire your next art piece! Take one lyric from your track and create art with feeling.

Drink 1 expensive, non-alcoholic beverage quietly alone

Take your time to think and have the inspiration come to you by sitting quietly alone drinking an expensive, non-alcoholic beverage.

Woman meditating in a grassy meadow.

Take 1 meditation break to find & listen to your heartbeat

Meditation is a great way to re-energize and let the inspiration come to you. Take a break and meditate to listen to your heartbeat. Ask yourself what makes your heartbeat? Listen to yourself and enjoy your own company.

Inhale your 1 favorite smell deeply

An inhale of your favorite smell can make you feel many different emotions that will inspire you. For me, it is a freshly opened beg of coffee beans that just takes me to a happy place. Who wouldn’t like to create art in their happy place?

Select 1 pictures at random from a design magazine

Design magazines are made to inspire. So, just open one at a random page and let the picture inspire you. The exciting part is that you don’t know what inspiration you will receive.

Write notes during 1 event you’ll attend this week

People are a great source of inspiration. Take notes during one event that you will attend this week. Write down colors, smells, feelings, or topics of conversations. Let everyday people in your life be your inspiration.

Woman jumping on bed in a yellow dress.

Take 1 3-minute bounce on a trampoline or bed

Moving your body by bouncing on a trampoline or bed will enhance your mood and cope with stress. Being stuck can be very stressful at times, so enjoying a break by exercising will help manage stress and improve your mood.

Come up with a silly story while watching 1 person in the park

Let your creativity flow by coming up with a silly story of a random person you are watching. What could this person possibly be up to? What is his/her story? Or how does his/her day continue? See this as an exercise to jump-start your creativity.

Turn 1 simple penciled shape into an animal without erasing

Create a simple penciled shape. And then transform the shape into an animal without erasing the pencil. You will have to let your imagination take over since your animal likely will look funny. Imagination can be the best inspiration!

Compose 1 hate letter & throw it away

Get the hate out of your system by composing one hate letter and then throw it away. Let it go and be inspired by the feeling of freedom. Or be inspired by the frustration of hate—your choice.

Look at something upside down for 1 minute

Looking at something upside down can bring you a new perspective. Try to incorporate this new perspective into your next art piece.

Woman jogging with her dog.

Take 1 5-minute jog

A 5-minute jog can be the perfect way to get your mind off of things and let yourself be inspired by nature. Let this experience inspire you.

Visit 1 gallery in your city

Find a gallery where you live and visit it. Artwork from other artists can always be an inspiration and give you new ideas for your art. Make sure to take notes or pictures if you are allowed to.

Look at 1 old photo for 10 minutes

Nostalgia is a great tool to set a cozy mood. Enjoy your journey back in time to inspire your future. Keep it to 10 minutes to not get stuck but quickly get back to creating your artwork.

Make plans to see 1 good friend

Looking forward to meeting a good friend is a fantastic emotion to create art on. Expectations and happy thoughts are sometimes all you need to be inspired.

Wear clothes and eat food of only 1 color

Limit yourself to wear and eat only one color to have ideas extend these limitations. Do not live by these standards for longer than a day; this is just a fun activity to get your creativity started.

Visit 1 new part of town

Visiting a new part of town gives you a taste of exploring new ideas and can help you broaden your comfort zone when it comes to art. Let the new things you encounter inspire your next artwork.

Learn 1 new thing about a friend

Sometimes we think we already know everything about one person and that is when they can surprise you. Learn one new thing about your friend and let that inspire you with new ideas for your art piece.

Woman reading a book on her sofa.

Read 1 random page of your favorite book

Just open your book to a random page and read it. What is it saying? What are you feeling? And what are you thinking? Answer these questions in your next artwork.

Come up with 1 wish

What do you wish for right now? If you could change your life in any way, what would it look like? Wish-thinking is a great inspiration tool that you should use when coming up with new ideas for your art.

Find 1 inspiring quote

Quotes are often short and concise. They can be a great inspiration and give you a sense of hope, peace, and a broader perspective. Surprise yourself with your choice of quote.