17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has helped democratize art by enabling artists with no prior experience in traditional art forms to create mind-blowing artwork. Listed below are some of the best AI art pieces.

  1. Keep Running by James She
  2. Electric Fan by Tom White
  3. Anatomy Lessons by Harsha Agrawal
  4. The Next Rembrandt
  5. Cabbage by Tom White
  6. Neural Zoo by Sophia Crespo
  7. AI-Generated Nude Portrait #1 by Robbie Barrat
  8. Learning Nature by David Young
  9. Tabula Rasa by David Young
  10. Space Opera Theatre by Jason Allen
  11. Embrace by @Sithiis
  12. AI Space Ships by Anne Spalter
  13. Hachiman, Japanese God of War by @neradha
  14. Neverending Waltz by @levinthauer
  15. Avocado Armchair
  16. Treasured Consciousness by @u/mashonoid_aiart
  17. Justin Bieber in Harry Poster Movie Poster
AI-generated image of futuristic robot giving its thumbs up approval for the best AI art

This list is in a particular order. The first 9 artworks are created by artists with a programming background. They trained a GAN (Generative Adversarial Network), an artificial intelligence/machine learning technology, with the help of an image dataset to create their art. The last 8 are produced by artists with traditional art backgrounds. They relied on giving text prompts to AI-art generator tools to create their art.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Keep Running 

1. Keep Running By James She

The “Keep Running” artwork was produced by James She during the Covid-19 lockdown period. The painting shows horses in a variety of energetic and powerful poses.

Horses in the Middle East region culturally represent strength, resilience, and determination in the face of adversity.

James She took this idea and ran with it- quite literally. He used a GAN model to create a series of horse paintings that capture the same sense of strength and energy. The result is a stunning collection of artworks that are sure to inspire anyone who sees them.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Electric fan from the Perception Engines series

2. Electric Fan By Tom White

Tom White is a lecturer at the University of Wellington School of Computational Design, and his work focuses on how computers see the world.

The electric fan is a product of his perception engines, which are created using AI. It’s also one of my favorite pieces because a fan is such a simple everyday object that we take for granted, but when you see it through the eyes of a computer, it takes on a whole new life.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Anatomy Lessons by Dr. Algorithm

3. Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Algorithm By Harsha Agrawal

“Anatomy Lessons by Dr. Algorithm” is a series of artworks by Dr.Harsha Agrawal. The series shows how AI imagines surgical dissections of the human body to look.

The series is a fascinating exploration of the human body, and it’s impressive to see what can be done with AI.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

The Next Rembrandt

4. The Next Rembrandt

“The Next Rembrandt” is an AI-generated 3D painting created by a team of researchers from Delft University of Technology, Microsoft, and the Museum Het Rembrandthuis.

The painting is based on Rembrandt’s style and uses over 168,263  of his paintings. AI is used to teach a machine to think, act and paint like Rembrandt, and the result is a stunningly realistic painting that looks like the master himself could have created it.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Cabbage from the Perception Engine series

5. Cabbage By Tom White

“Cabbage” is another product of Tom White’s perception engines. This time, he used cabbage as his subject matter.

It’s fascinating to see how something so simple can be turned into a conversation-starter art piece.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Neural Zoo

6. Neural Zoo By Sofia Crespo

Looking at Sofia Crespo’s Neural Zoo is like stepping into another world entirely. It’s a world where algorithms have taken over, creating bizarre and beautiful creatures that defy our expectations of what nature can be.

The Neural Zoo is the product of Crespo’s exploration into how AI technologies can create novel images when trained on a large dataset of photos from the natural world.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

AI-generated nude portrait

7. AI-Generated Nude Portrait #1 By Robbie Barrat

With the advent of artificial intelligence, we may be on the cusp of a new era of nude portraits – ones that are not created by humans but by machines.

Robbie Barrat, a young AI researcher, trained a neural network with thousands of nude portraits scraped primarily from WikiArt, to create nude portraits.

The results were not realistic but instead produced surreal blobs of flesh. The machine failed to learn about all the attributes found in nude portraits. Still, it’s an exciting direction that earned Robbie $112.717 when the portrait was sold at SuperRare, a blockchain-based marketplace for digital art.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Learning Nature

8. Learning Nature By David Young

Learning Nature is a set of photographs generated by a GAN model, taught with David Young’s photographs of flowers that he took at his farm.

Given a set of photographs, a computer can use AI to learn to generate its own images. As David Young said, “It then generated its own images. Nothing that emerges is accurate, but the work isn’t asking for accuracy — it’s asking for the machine to build its own unique vision of the natural world.”

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Tabula Rasa

9. Tabula Rasa By David Young

A tabula rasa is a blank slate—a clean sheet of paper on which you can write anything. It’s Latin for “blank tablet.”

The phrase is often used to describe someone or something that has no pre-existing biases or preconceptions and is willing to learn and consider new information.

And this is precisely what David Young did with this art piece. He treated an AI algorithm like a tabula rasa and trained it with only a handful of images – solid colors or basic shapes. The results are beautiful, minimalist works of art.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

 Space Opera Theater took first place at the Colorado State Fair

10. Space Opera Theater By Jason Allen

Introducing Space Opera Theater by Jason Allen- a stunning AI artwork that took first place in the digital category at the Colorado State Fair.

The piece shows an intriguing scene from the distant future or another world. In it, people like royalty are staring into a circular viewport. It evokes a sense of wonder as if looking at an event about to unfold.

Jason Allen created this fascinating piece using the Midjourney AI-art generator tool. This work will pave the way for AI-generated art in future competitions, and I am excited to see what else Jason Allen comes up with.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists


11. Embrace By @Sithiis

Embrace is an intimate and stirring AI-generated art piece created by the digital artist @Sithiis using the NightCafe AI-art generator tool.

The AI-made image shows a woman in the arms of a lover, their embrace conveying both tenderness and passion. Whether you’re drawn to the romance of the scene or the technical brilliance of the AI-generated art, Embrace is sure to stir your emotions.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

AI Spaceships

12. AI Spaceships By Anne Spalter

Anne Spalter’s AI spaceship collection is fascinating and otherworldly. She creates them by inputting text prompts into the NightCafe AI-art generator tool.

There is incredible detail and creativity put into every one of these pieces, with different ships ranging in multiple styles. Some ships look psychedelic and mystical, while others have a retro steampunk vibe.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Hachiman, the Japanese god of war

13. Hachiman, Japanese God Of War By @neradha

Neradha is a talented digital artist who creates beautiful AI art pieces using the Starryai tool.

This particular piece, Hachiman, a Japanese god of war, is based on the traditional Japanese god of war. The piece has beautifully captured the god’s intense and powerful gaze.

Neradha’s other works are just as impressive, so check out her starryai page to see more of her stunning AI art.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Neverending Waltz

14. Neverending Waltz By @levinthauer

“Neverending Waltz” is an incredible piece of AI-generated art that was part of the top 12 in the starryai weekly theme: The Afterlife.

The digital artist @levinthauer created this piece, and it is truly a work of art. It shows what appears to be ghosts surrounded by swirling mist waltzing in an otherworldly setting.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Avocado Armchair

15. Avocado Armchair

Have you seen the avocado armchair? It’s an AI-generated art piece created using the Dalle-E text-to-image AI art generator tool.

The text prompt is “an armchair in the shape of an avocado. an armchair imitating an avocado.” The result is a bizarre and humorous image of an avocado shaped like an armchair. 

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Treasured Consciousness

16. Treasured Consciousness By @u/mashonoid_aiart

The digital image, “Treasured Consciousness,” is created by Redditor @u/mashonoid_aiart using Stable Diffusion. It is a beautiful depiction of The Roman Forum.

He used the text prompt “a beautiful painting of The Roman Forum, by Jesper Ejsing, atmospheric, cinematic, composition, sense of scale and awe, architecture, artstation HQ.”

You can try this prompt on your AI text-to-image generator tool and see the interesting results you get.

17 Best AI Art Pieces: Mind-Blowing Artwork & Artists

Justin Bieber in Harry Poster Movie Poster

17. Justin Bieber In Harry Poster Movie Poster

This poster was created using Jasper, the AI tool, with the Harry Potter theme keywords. It’s simply amazing what can be done with AI these days!

The poster features wizardry and Hogwarts in a fun and engaging way and has Justin Bieber’s face.

Try your hand at producing some art. Check out my results using the text prompt “napkins eating crumbs” as I tested some of the best AI art generators. 👈

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